The following health measures have been updated: Christ the Redeemer Mass capacity will be set at 110 PEOPLE, including wedding, funeral, and baptismal services. No food or drink may be present or served.


Attention All Youth

Because of the uncertainty over Covid restrictions, our parish will not hold Vacation Bible School this summer. But VBS will return in August 2022.

This year the Youth Ministry team will host Sunday “Picnics in the Park” from 1-3 pm every 2nd weekend of July & August.

July 11—Rotary Park

August 8—Salteaux Park

July 25—Kinsmen Park

August 22—TBD The picnics are for parents and youth from K to Grade 6, but other ages are welcome. It’s about kids and parents connecting with our parish peers and having fun.

Youth group chairpersons are Deloris and Dustin Funk 

Thanks to the students and staff of All Saints School, our Blessing Wall has blown up.  Needless to say, our foyer area is a little bit more colorful and blessed.  If you get a chance muse the cards there's a lot of personality, humbleness and thoughtfulness on display from the children of the school.


Click here - Christmas Message from Youth Chairperson