Youth group chairpersons are Deloris and Dustin Funk 


March 22 (6-7:30):  Family Board Game Night.  For the entire family, bring your favorite board game if you want and spend time together playing games.

March 26 (6-8:30).  Movie Night, The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe.  Based on the book of the same name, this movie has been linked to that of Easter.

April 19 (6-7:30).  Stained Glass Crafting Night.  We will create a mini "stained glass" craft for the kids to do.  

April 23 (6-7:30). Youth Ping Pong Challenge.  We hope to have the church's table tennis table set up in the church, where we can all take turns playing games.

May 24 (6-7:30).  For the second consecutive year, we will do Marigolds for Mary.  Like last year we will plant some flowers, decorate the pots for the night.

May 29 (6-7:30).  Creation of our own custom youth t-shirt.  We will be getting the youth to all help each other with putting (literally) their hand print on everyone's shirts.

June 11 (5-7).  We are hoping to have a year end family potluck at the church.

Obviously there are more details to come.  
Thank you, we hope to see you all in the coming months.