Stewardship - 

Stewardship is a broad, encompassing teaching, emphasizing that everything we are and everything we have, all of creation, our church, our own vocation, global resources and personal resources, our talents and even our time, comes as gifts freely and lovingly given by God.  Stewardship is an aspect of discipleship, an answer to a person call from Jesus to a collaboration with God.  Stewardship is our duty, but we also express our gratitude, our joy, our hope when we share of our God given gifts.  

Plan a Stewardship fair once every two years.

Organize a Stewardship Sunday to include recruitment for all parish ministries. 

Monitor Archdiocesan Stewardship events and participate when appropriate.

Be living examples of a good steward. 

Focus on attributes and attitudes of a good steward, not financial concerns.

Lead and promote the conversation and formation of good stewards. 

Be a support to Parish Pastoral Council and Finance Council.

Be responsible for stewardship awareness and annual stewardship renewal.