Public health measures...The following health measures are still in effect. Places of Worship: All places of worship must reduce capacity to 30 people, including wedding, funeral, and baptismal services. No food or drink may be present or served. It is mandatory to wear a mask at all times. It is also important to make sure you sanitize your hands. Thank you for understanding, cooperation & prayers. Next update is scheduled for January 29th.



Effective August 22, 2019, Christ the Redeemer Parish formed a Committee to assist in the development and delivery of Adult Faith Formation (AFF) programs. The purpose is to assist parishioners in the development of their spiritual life through educational programs; such as retreats, RCIA, guest speakers, focused studies, resources, etc. We are pleased to announce that committee members include:

  • Father Thomas Mutavanattu
  • Judy Friesen (Chair)
  • David Andree
  • Larry Dudragne
  • Nicole Francis
  • Shirley Hardowa
  • Anne Ring
  • Amelia Ringdal
  • Denise Wallin

Meetings will be the 1st Thursday of each month, following the evening Mass.