The following health measures will remain in effect until further notice . Christ the Redeemer Mass capacity will be REDUCED TO 30 PEOPLE, including wedding, funeral, and baptismal services. No food or drink may be present or served.


Parish Administration

Rev. Fr. Thomas Mutavanattu    email: priest.ctr@sasktel.net

Rev. Fr. Anthony Phung Tran (Associate Pastor) anfutran@gmail.com

Jackie Hagen
Parish Coordinator

Phone: 306-773-9524    Fax:  306-778-4693
Email: ctrsc@sasktel.net
​Office Hours: 9:00am to Noon & 1:00pm to 5:00pm

Stan Lautsch  Sacramental Ministry

Email:  ctrsclit@sasktel.net

Vacant:   Pastoral Care Assistant

Email:   ctrcare@sasktel.net

Vacant   Youth Minister

Email:   ctryouth16@gmail.com


Parish Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is an institution that brings together lay people and religious who, together with their pastors, work jointly to build the parish as a living Christian community.

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